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Saturday, June 15, 2019

20 Top PostScript Interview Questions and Answers {Updated}

PostScript Interview Questions and Answers for experienced PDF, Read commonly asked PostScript Job Interview Questions with Answer PDF for Freshers.

Read PostScript Interview Questions and Answers

What is PostScript?
PostScript is a page description language developed by Adobe Systems. It is a language for printing documents on a laser printer, but it can also be used to produce images on other types of devices.

Explain what is showpage command in Postscript?
Showpage command transfers the contents of the current page to the current output device

What are the main functions of the showpage?
The main function of showpage is
• It executes the endpage procedure in the page device dictionary
• Executes the functional equivalent of an initgraphics operation, reinitializing the graphics state for the next page
• In page device dictionary, it executes the begin page
• If the Boolean result returned by the EndPage process is true, transmits the contents of the page to the current output device and performs the equivalent of an erase page operation, clearing the contents in preparation for the next page.

Define what is the meaning of a Path?
A path can be defined as a collection of possibly disconnected, lines and areas describing the image. In simple words, it is a collection of curves and line segments arranged on the page. A path cannot be drawn by itself, but after it is specified it can be stroked (lines) or filled (places) making the proper marks.

Explain what is LIFO in PostScript?
LIFO (Last In First Out) also known as a stack is used in Postscript to store programs and data. A postscript interpreter places the postscript program on the stack and will read that data from the stack.

Explain what is Closepath and Charpath?
ClosePath and CharPath are operators used in PostScript for a different purpose
• ClosePath: This will add a line segment to the current path from the current point to the first point in the path. It closes the path so it may be filled.
• CharPath: This operator takes the given string and adds the path that the characters define to the current path. The result then can be used for any other path for stroking, filling or clipping.

In Operator def- what does error “dictfull” and “StackOverflow”?
“ dictfull” error indicates that the dictionary is full, while “StackOverflow” indicates the stack was full before the last push.

In what ways string can be expressed in Postscript?
There are two ways to express PostScript
A popular method of creating a string is to enclose your text in parentheses, for example, “ learn with babaquestions” this will be written as (learn with babaquestions). The other way of expressing it is a hexadecimal code in angle brackets, for example, the string “ABC” will be expressed as

Explain what is bind operator and how it is used?
PostScript uses a handy operator bind to speed up the program; this operator replaces each name in a procedure object with its current definition.

Explain what is the function of gsave and grestore?
Instead of having to “undo” changes to the graphics state, by using save it is possible to push the entire graphics state onto the stack and then reinstate it later with a restore.
• -grestore: It sets the current graphics state to the topmost graphics state on graphics state stack and pops that state of the stack
• -gsave: This operator pushes a copy of the current graphics state onto the graphics state stack.

What is the basic sequence to draw and fill shapes?
The basic sequence to draw and fill shapes is
• With newpath operator start the path
• Build the path out of curves and line segments
• With the stroke operator draw the path or fill it with the fill operator

Mention the steps require to print text on the page?
The steps involved printing text on a page
• Set up a font to use
• Set the current point to where the lower left corner of the text will be
• Give the string to print to the show operator

What does graphic state stack consist of?
The graphics state stack consists of
• Current Transformation Matrix
• Current Path
• Clip Path
• Current Color
• Current Font
• Current Gray Value

What is command curveto does?
Curveto draws a Bezier curve defined by the three points given as arguments. The curve starts at the current point and ends at the last point, and the tangents are given by the line between the first, second and second third pair.

Explain what is the co-ordinate system in PostScript?
By default PostScript, the co-ordinate system has its origin at the bottom left corner of the page. Commands exist to translate, scale and rotate the postscript co-ordinate system.
• x y translate
• sx sy scale
• angle rotate

What all points you have to take in consideration to generate graphics in PostScript?
The things taken into consideration to generate graphics in postscript are
• Current Page
• Current Path
• User Co-ordinates
• Device Co-ordinates

What is the use of a stroke?
It draws along the current path with a pen whose width was set with setlinewidth and then cleared the current path.

Explain what are stack operators?
Stack Operators are
• Clear
• 2 dup
• Pop
• x y z 3 1 roll

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